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Ralph Gerald Genis(Goldfish)Tales of Enlightenment Homepage,Scotland

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To find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of my skills.


Job Title and Company Name for My Most Recent Job (1/1/72-18/09/08)
Here is a description of my most recent job, including my job responsibilities, major projects I completed, and skills I made use of.I now work at The Coach House Trust with Arts&crafts,gardening(svq),computing and writing classes.Various work before,as a golf pro,computer insurance,ice cream(frozen yogurt-cookies)electronic equipment,wedding shop and semi-trailor manufcture,sport equipment,markets and music.With music,I've met Phil Collins,spoke to Bianca Jagger,original idea for Live Aid,E.M.I. music publishing also Precious Records,lights,sound,driving bands about.I've also studied sound engineering and record producing.Classes in guitar,folk,rock,blues and jazz improv.Thanks,Ralph Gerald Genis Esq.Langside,Glasgow,Scotland

'Shine A Light,Shine Bright'